A lot of us, during summer, got a lot to do, cause our colleagues from job are on holidays. If we’re new in the bureau, it is hard to get whole week off, but we still must to relax a little bit. That is why it’s great to take any longer weekend off at labor, to recharge batteries and go to some interesting place. Nicest is to select air travels, because it is simpler. Germany has a lot of interesting cities to discover. Here’re 2 of them.

When you wish to relax in one of the largest market area in entire Europe, you need to book flights to Frankfurt immediately. This town was the capital of German trade since Medieval times. It’s all because it location – it’s situated next to the Baltic marine, so all the ships with goods were passing trough it (the newest entry). In present times we are still able to see remains of this period. City is one of few places in this area of Europe with that many secular buildings in Gothic style. You can find in there entire district with old garners.


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Another interesting option is to select flights to Munich. You can go there in Autumn for the biggest beer festival in entire world. You will be able to drink in there dozens of various brands of this beverage, all of those have special certificate, and was brewed in this area But if you are not a fan of liquors, you can also book flights to Munich, and enjoy great weekend in there, during the summer. This is phenomenal place with many of interesting monuments, ancient buildings and great cuisine.


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If you like to have a longer weekend in some nice area, choose flights to Frankfurt and Munich. Those 2 cities have many to offer to travelers, not just market or beer festivals, but either a lot of great buildings, delicious meals, interesting museums, and spectacular panoramas. So stop hesitate and book your flight right now.