When you are a busy person, who during whole year work really hard, you have to get a week off to recharge your batteries. Because of the small airline companies, now you have an opportunity to travel to the distant lands a lot quicker and in reasonable prize. According of your preferences, you can visit any fine sea resort or large metropolis in interesting country. Here you have 2 possible destinations, in which you may get in attractive price.


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You are searching for a point, in which you could explore any monuments and lay on a beach? In that case, you must to reserve flights to Istanbul. This Turkish area, has the most rich history from another European cities. First it was a area, ruled by Roman culture, after it by Byzantine one. Since 1453 it is was a part of Turkish empire. This history could be see in the architecture, we will find in there plenty of various styles, even in one church, such as in Hagia Sophia for instance. But booking flights to Istanbul is either good idea (told the post), if you like to relax on a beach and swim in a sea – it has a lot of nice, public points like that.

Another nice idea, if you want to explore some well city, like Petersburg for example, is to reserve flights to Russia. Since couple years, we can localize nice deal on air jets to that country, even to it Asian area.


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Moscow or Petersburg are localized at the North point of it, so autumns are very chill in there. That’s why, the best season to explore that metropolis would be summer. From May till September weather is fantastic, days are sunny and very warm, perfect for sightseeing. And both cities have many of nice monuments, so you have to decide which one you prefer to explore, before you book your flights to Russia.

According as which type of holidays you better like, you have various destinations to choose. For resting on a beach in a huge city, you should select flights to Istanbul (website here). In situation, if you like to explore Russia, you may visit Moscow and Petersburg.