Many travellers pick locations to go to after summer-time when the avenues are much less busy and they are not full of tourists. One of the places which is quite fashionable in fall is Poland. This article will present 1 of the places which should be thought about if you prepare the trip to poland. Everybody should visit poland during his/her lifetime. Poland is full of awesome locations to go to and it is very various – every corner of Poland is different.


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If you want to visit Poland (Greetings from Poland Travel),the place which is perfect to stay in each season is Gdansk. Gdansk is located in south part of Poland, by the Baltic Sea. There are various, different reasons why it is an excellent idea to visit the town. Firstly, the town is full of history. In that place, the 2nd World War started when the German army attacked Westerplatte. Nowadays, the visitors can observe the monument which symbolizes the events which were held over seventy years ago. What is more, here are lots of museums which present history of the city. 2nd factor to see Gdansk is the market place which is described to be 1 of the most beautiful markets in Europe.

It was restored recently and for that explanation, it is really worth to see it! Furthermore, each fall breaks (starting mid June to mid Aug) at Gdansk’s marketplace is arranged St. Dominic’s fair where people from Poland – mainly sculptures, antique dealers and performers sell their items and items which seems to be undesired or unloved. The vendors provide them 2nd lives! The 3rd gain of going to Gdansk is the natural wonder of the town which is placed by the Baltic water. There are plenty of great, sandy and tidy coastlines. But you should also see the capital city of Poland – Warsaw, which has a lot of brilliant monuments – more infomrmation.

Furthermore, if the weather is great, you will sunbath and go swimming in the ocean (the most recommended occasion to make it is from June to June when is summer in Poland). To summarize, the travel to Poland can be a fantastic concept for every individual who is annoyed with contemporary and crowded places. Look on example trip: clicked . Poland is able to give far more than another places. Come and discover yourself!