Go to another country solely to treat teeth or better their appearance? Dental touristry flourishes and many foreign patients come to get a beautiful smile to Poland.


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How is it that Polish dental centers interest customers even from overseas?
The quantity of people seeking medical assistance out of their state is expected to exceed 780 million this year and the value of the medical tourism industry is approximated at $100 billion €. An important part of this is attributed to dental assistance, for which Poland is beginning to be a crucial center in Europe. According to investigators, the aging generations, the prolonged life expectancy, and the imcreasing awareness of one’s own condition and possible cures strengthen the need for advanced medical assistance. Seeking for a tolerable price often requires going abroad. Between the most frequent areas of the medical tourism are the subsequent: plastic operations, cardiology and dentistry. Recently in development of dental tourism Poland has been a head in its geographic zone. In company with the Czech Republic and Hungary our country is the most popular medical center in the Central Europe.

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The costs of healing at a reputable center in Poland are proportionate to those of a mediocre medical center abroad.

Therefore, patients prefer to cure themselves for comparable amount in Poland and be sure that the treatment will be performed at a decent level with a guarantee of lasting effects. Polish clinics are ready to provide quality assistance to foreign patients, and at much lower costs than in the West.